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Based on the best selling book inspired by the economic ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as interpreted through the lens of serial entrepreneur, investor, author and consecrated bishop, Rodney Sampson, Kingonomics is the definitive access to capital platform providing access to expert knowledge and expert practitioners in innovation, entrepreneurship and investment. 

The definitive mission of Kingonomics is to facilitate an economic and institutional platform designed to address poverty and the wealth gap via the efficient use of existing and new knowledge and best practices for innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.

This is accomplished by creating an efficient ecosystem of experts, mentors, firms, research centers, universities, thought leaders, economists, entrepreneurs, investors and advisors that are presented via Kingonomics large scale conferences, intensive trainings, learning programs, courses, curriculum and certification.

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Kingonomics large-scale events are a powerful, interactive, hands on and authentic gathering of entrepreneurs, investors and influencers at the intersection of innovation, culture and capital. With programming focused on ideation, customer discovery, bootstrapping, “becoming fundable” and “new capital market formation, attendees learn the innovative, entrepreneurial and investment ecosystems while simultaneously getting the opportunity to interact and network with over 1,000 diverse fellow entrepreneurs and over 100 accredited expert mentors, investors, angels and venture capitalists.


Opportunity Hub is an eco-work space, knowledge repository and funding accelerator located on the second floor of the historic 200 Peachtree event space in downtown Atlanta at the corner of Peachtree and Ellis Streets. Opportunity Hub, the nation’s first and only Black owned co-working space, aims to be the definitive intersection of innovation, culture and capital.


Powered in collaboration with Independent Youth, a national non-profit organization that educates teens on entrepreneurship through peer-to-peer teaching methods, Sprout.Up focuses on providing teens with resources that will assist them in finding their passion and launching their business ventures on their own. The goal of Sprout.Up is for each participant to become more knowledgeable of every facet of entrepreneurship as they learn the power of networking and develop their business idea throughout the day, resulting in a business pitch and extensive business executive summary.


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